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Sissy Cuckold Husband

It's a fact that many wives who cheat also like to humiliate their husbands by feminizing them and turning them into "sissies". Forced to dress in female clothing, particularly panties, garters, stockings and other accoutrements of ultra-feminine sexuality, the man is then made to act the submissive role in everything from household chores to debasing sexual encounters with the wife and her lover. It is not at all unusual for the wife to use a strap on dildo to first humiliate and dominate when feminizing her husband into a sissy. These cheating sluts wives even make their male partners dress as maids and do domestic household chores and duties!

Often the cuckold sissy husband is invited into the bedroom when the wife's lover is over and forced to watch the sexual encounters while dressed as a woman (or at least in panties to signify his submissive and degraded stature), even being made to participate or sexually service the other man! And while it's no secret that some men love to fuck sissy boys, it's not often that a married man wants to be the "bottom" sexual partner to a dominant male in front of his own wife! Many are the stories of a dominant wife and transvestite husband who was feminized against his will and then pimped out to other men for punishment or "obedience training".

Many cheating wives in their quest for the ultimate way to extract revenge on their mates, resort to both sissy feminization and what has to be a massively humiliating experience for the husband - small penis humiliation. The newly feminized husband is made to parade before the cuckolding lover dressed as a sissy and then expose his flaccid penis for measuring, comparing and ridiculing by the cheating couple! Often being termed a "small penis sissy husband" fit only for abuse and sexual debasement, these married men often are forced to find their sexual release in the experience and often grow to desire it!

As strange as it may seem, being a cuckolded and sissified husband can be most enjoyable to many men and if you are interested in seeing more (and viewing video about the whole "sissy husband thing") we invite the reader to visit The Sissy Channel and explore this interesting and highly arousing fetish lifestyle!
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Men Feminized By Their Cheating Slut Wives!

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