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Forced Bi Cuckold

In addition to the shame and humiliation inflicted upon the cuckolded husband by his cheating wife is the threat of being forced to sexually service and satisfy the other lover. And it's totally natural that many married men find the idea of having to engage in forced bisexual or gay sexual relations with the man who is having an affair with his wife most unpleasant, but there are some men that find it sexually arousing...or at least their wives do!

Many women who have feminized their husbands do so with the idea of eventually pimping or "tricking out" them to other men as sexual playmates and "male cock whores". Stories of men turned into sissy party girls and forced to perform homosexual acts with strangers while dressed as women by their wives are legion among those in the know about this particular sexual punishment. Some women encourage the bisexual angle while forcing their husbands to watch them cheat with other men and ordering them to participate in the tryst.

One aspect of male forced bi training and humiliation is what's termed "sissy suck", an act of debasement where the dominant wife forces the submissive husband to kneel and fellatiate ("suck on") her strapon as a substitute for the male penis. Often these men are then hired out as sissy man maids to other men to clean, cook and sexually service them in any desired fashion.

After repeated forced bi cuckolding, many men soon grow to embrace the thought of being a feminized man maid and actually find love as a gay sissy in the arms of another man. You never know, what first started as an act of sexual punishment and humiliation may become a new lifestyle and desired activity!

Those wishing to see and learn more may wish to visit The Transvestite Channel which deals with male feminization in both it's consensual and nonconsensual forms.
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