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Cuckold FAQ

Does the idea of being a cuckold husband forced to watch his wife's cheating arouse you? Could you stand to be humiliated and punished by a dominant bitch of a wife who demands you service her lover too? Just curious about the whole "cuck" lifestyle? Then we invite you to read on:

What Is A "Cuck"?

A "cuck" is short slang for "cuckold", a married man who's wife is cheating on him, with or without his knowledge. If the husband knows about his wife's cheating, then it also implies a stigma of shame, humiliation and sexual submissiveness - especially if the wife forces the husband to watch her trysts and sometimes even sexually satisfy the new lover!

My Wife Cheats - Am I A Cuckold?

Technically, any married man's who's wife is cheating on him is a cuckold, but if you're in an open marriage or similar arrangement, then the label doesn't really apply.

Why Do Married Women Like To Cuckold Their Husbands?

Because it can be a dominance or revenge thing. Sometimes the wife is tired of her husband's own infidelities and wants to teach him a lesson, other times it's a show of strength to her husband that the wife is in sexual control of the household and can do as she pleases. But sometimes the cuckolding is a sexual arousal role play for both partners in the marriage.

I'm A Cucky Husband But I Like To be Humiliated By My Dominant Wife - Is That Strange?

Not really, many married men have a secret fantasy to see their wives performing sexual acts with another man or woman, and the thrill of being forced to watch can be very erotic. Men that are submissive like to be dominated and forced to become party to the act, often made to become a "sissy cuckold husband" who has to eat what's been euphemistically termed a "cuckold creampie" or even become a "forced bi cuckold" to the dominant wife.

Where Can I Have A Cuckolded Husband Fantasy Of My Own?

Two of the best ways to safely explore a cuckolded sex fantasy are by a visiting a cuckold porn site or if you desire real one-on-one personal action with a dominant woman (and be able to tailor your particular cuckold fantasy any way you like) we would HIGHLY recommend:

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Either way you're sure to find all the cuck sex excitement you might require. Many married men these days are enjoying the deliciously erotic idea of being forced to watch their wives cheat, so why not try it for yourself? Who knows being a cucky husband might even become something you LIKE! Many a husband has been cucked and feminized by his dominant wife and learned to like it!

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